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General Information and LOPD (The Spanish Data Protection Act)


These General Conditions regulate the use of the website PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA, which is accessible through its main address

In compliance with provisions of the Act 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, it is hereby stated, that this website has been created, it is maintained and owned by the company Pago de Vallegarcía SA. Pago de Vallegarcía has its registered address at Paseo de la Castellana number 102, 28046 MADRID and the Tax ID: A83387498. The company Pago de Vallegarcía is registered at the Companies Registry of Ciudad Real in volume 328, book 0, sheet 180, section 8, leaf CR-12562, first inscription.

Users may establish direct and effective communication with the commercial owner of this site, not only through personal visit or mail sent to the registered address stated above, but also by the following means:
Fax: (+34) 91 356 17 77


Access to this website or its use in any form implies acceptance of each and every one of the general terms and conditions of use which are currently valid and applicable and which, unilaterally, at any time may establish PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA. It will be the responsibility of every visitor or user to carefully read the general terms and conditions of use on each of the occasions when accessing this website.
The use of certain services will also imply the acceptance, without reservation, of the particular rules or instructions that PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA may establish at any time with a specific character, instead of or complementary to the present general terms and conditions.


Access to information and services provided by PAGO DE VALLEGARICA will be free and free of charge and users will not be required to provide personal data nor asked to use passwords prior to subscription, except for obtaining access to certain contents or services.
When accessing certain contents or to make use of certain services is necessary to provide personal data. Users will guarantee truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity of personal data supplied. PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA will give to such data an automated treatment according to its nature or purpose and in compliance with terms and conditions set out in the section “Personal Data Protection Policy”.
If an access code (username and password) is required, users should consider the following:
Password chosen by the user cannot be contrary to the morality and the generally accepted good habits, nor can it damage the right to honor, personal privacy and self-image, nor infringe in any way the rights of industrial or intellectual property of third parties.
Access keys are for the personal use and exclusive of the owner of the same and their custody, confidentiality and correct use are their sole responsibility. PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA shall not be liable for any damages that the user or third parties may incur as a result of other persons using their password, with or without the user’s consent or knowledge.
PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes to comply with the obligation of secrecy with respect to the password used by the user.


The use of the PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA website must comply with the content of these General Terms and Conditions, any applicable legal provisions and the requirement of generally accepted morality and proper consuetude, as well as those of public order.
Except prior and express authorization of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA, users may only use contents and services for their own and personal use and, therefore, will refrain from performing any act that, directly or indirectly, involves a commercial use of them.
In any case, users will use the content and services provided by PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA in accordance with current legality and will be liable for the conduct or activities that, in any way, may be illegal or detrimental to third party rights or that may hinder, prevent or limit the use of this website to other users.
Users undertake, including but not limited, not to capture data or content for advertising purposes, nor to transmit or broadcast through PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA messages, images, photographs, software, data or content that:
In any way they contravene or violate fundamental rights recognized by the legal system.
• Induce, incite or promote criminal, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, violent, discriminatory acts based on sex, race, religion or ideology, or in general, contrary to law, morality or public order.
• Be false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, obscene or untimely.
• Are protected by any intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to third parties, except prior and sufficient authorization of its legitimate owner.
• Cause injury or damage to the right to honor, personal privacy, the image of third parties or infringe the rules on the secrecy or confidentiality of communications.
• They constitute illicit, deceptive or disloyal advertising.
• Contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs or any other material or program that may damage or disrupt the operation of computer equipment or systems.
Users will be liable for damages of any kind that PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a result of non-compliance with current regulations or any of the obligations derived from the general conditions of use of this website.
PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA reserves the right to deny, unilaterally and at any time, access to this website to those users who breach these General Conditions of Use, without prior notice or justification.


5.1 Industrial Property

The name PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA, as well as other distinctive signs (graphic or word) that appear on this website are property of the company “Pago de Vallegarcía SA”, who has the exclusive right to use them in the course of trade. Consequently, it is forbidden to use them by third parties without proper authorization.
The eventual presence on this site of distinctive signs of ownership other than that described in the previous paragraph is carried out without commercial purpose and with the authorization of its legitimate owners, always with due respect for their rights.

5.2 Domain Names

In the same sense as referred to in the previous section, the domain name and all those domains that serve to give access directly to this site, are owned exclusively by the company “Pago de Vallegarcia SA”. The use of third party sites has been authorized by its rightful owners. The improper use of the same in the course of trade would be an infraction of the rights conferred by its registry and will be persecuted by all means provided by Law.

5.3 Copyright

5.3.1 The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logos, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation existing on this site, as well as the site itself. As a multimedia artistic work, are protected as copyright by intellectual property legislation.
5.3.2 Excluded from this protection are those files or computer programs not owned by PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA and free access (freeware) that the user can download from various pages of this site in order to enable or facilitate access to contents. These are, in any case, applications that have the character of public domain by express will of their authors.
5.3.3 The ownership of the copyright of articles, theses, doctrinal works or other forms of collaboration with PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA corresponds to its authors. Its disclosure on this website is made non-profit on the part of the company “Pago de Vallegarcía SA” And in the conditions outlined in other sections of these General Conditions.

5.4 Personal Use

The user is expressly authorized by PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA to view, print, copy or store on his or her hard disk or other physical medium, intellectual creations protected and any other content or assets protected or not by an exclusive right, except the programs of Computer, provided that it is done for personal and private purposes of the user, with no commercial purpose or distribution, and without modifying, altering or decompiling the above contents. This faculty of personal use is understood as long as the copyright and industrial property rights are respected intact, and does not imply the granting of any license to the user. Any other use of the intellectual creations or contents of this site will require the express and written authorization of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA.

5.5 Reserve of shares

The use of the content or services of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA does not imply or imply the granting of a license or authorization to use any kind of intellectual or industrial property rights or any other right.
The user of this website undertakes to respect the rights enunciated and to avoid any action that could harm or damage them, reserving in any case PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA the exercise of whatever means or legal actions correspond to him in defense of his legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.


In this website the user will be able to find several links that will lead you to independent web pages of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA. Its sole purpose is to facilitate and encourage access to other sources of information on the Internet related to the law or of a general nature. This linkage is made without any kind of profit.
PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA is not responsible for the contents that are accessed by virtue of the aforementioned links, nor of the modifications that are carried out in the same, nor of the use that of them is made, nor of their technical availability.
However, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes to do everything possible to prevent the existence on its website of links to sites with illegal content that promote illegal, racist or xenophobic activities or that, in general, violate the principles of freedom and Human dignity or violate the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In case you have effective knowledge that the information to which you refer a link is unlawful, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes to act with due diligence to eliminate or render unusable such link.
In the event that the owner of a website estimates that a link established from PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA in any way impairs his rights or if it involves the slightest harm, he should only communicate it by sending an email to info @, or by any other means, in the confidence that the link will be immediately removed, or modified in a satisfactory way for the interested party, without the need for further procedures or explanations on their part.


PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA is not responsible for comments, expressions or opinions that may be expressed in the different permanent forums, on the bulletin board or in occasional chat rooms or meetings that take place within it, but will always seek the correct use of these Mechanisms or services and shall ensure the utmost respect for the dignity of persons and the freedom of expression protected by the Spanish Constitution, reserving in any case the right to refuse or eliminate interventions that it considers inconvenient without the need for justification or explanation.
The users of these services will avoid any kind of false, abusive, obscene, threatening or otherwise in violation of current legislation, and will show a respectful treatment to third parties, whether or not participating in forums or gatherings.


PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA hereby declares, that it does not currently use or have installed cookies. Cookies are small files of information that are generated through the instructions that the web servers send to the browser programs, and that are stored in a specific directory of the user’s computer. Cookies cannot by themselves personally identify the user, although they may contain the IP address of the user himself.
Most browsers accept the use of cookies automatically. However, the user has the possibility to prevent access to his computer, by choosing the appropriate option in the browser.


Although PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA will try to offer users of the website the most complete, useful and up to date information possible, it does not guarantee the accuracy, updating and operation of its contents and services, and, therefore, expressly rejects any and all responsibility for possible damages or damages of any nature that its users could suffer due to the use of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data, or for the possible suspension, cancellation or inoperability of its contents or services.
Users should be aware that, in any case, the use of the contents and services of this website is at their own risk and under their sole and exclusive responsibility, and that PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA does not guarantee:
• The operability or availability of its contents or services. However, where reasonably practicable or foreseeable, users shall be warned of possible disruptions to their operation.
• The usefulness, accuracy, updating or infallibility of its contents or services for decision making or carrying out of any particular activity. The information, both own and third parties owned information that appears on the website is provided “as is”, without guarantees of any kind as to its accuracy and updating. Consequently, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA is not responsible for any damages that the use of the same could cause.
• The privacy and security of the use of its services, nor that unauthorized third parties may have knowledge of the access or use that users can make of its contents or services, and, consequently, excludes any responsibility in this regard.
• The absence of viruses or any other harmful elements introduced or supplied by content providers or services, or by other users or third parties that may cause alterations or problems of any kind in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the users or in Electronic documents and files stored in their computer systems.
• The legality of the contents supplied on the basis of information provided by third-party suppliers, collaborators or users. However, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes to do everything possible to prevent the existence of illegal content on its site and, if it has an effective knowledge of these contents, to eliminate or prevent access to them.
In any case, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA thanks in advance all kinds of suggestions, corrections or comments that contribute to avoid or correct any type of incident or irregularity in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Such communications can be sent by e-mail to if the observed anomaly is of a technical nature.


Although, in principle, the duration of this site is undetermined, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the provision of its services or contents, in whole or in part, at any time, and without necessity Notice to the users of the same. Also, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA may modify at any time the conditions of use of this website.


These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Spanish Laws. Any dispute regarding the website of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA will be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, submitting the parties to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, and its hierarchical superiors, with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction for the case that there is one different from the Spanish one. The easiest and most effective way to request any clarification, or to make any kind of complaint, suggestion or comment, is to send an e-mail to

LOPD (Data Protection Act)

In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the users of this website are hereby informed of the following:

1. The data that users provide to PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA will be incorporated into a database of which PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA SA, an entity with address at Paseo de la Castellana 102, 28046 MADRID, with CIF: A83387498, And registered in the Mercantile Registry of Ciudad Real in volume 328, book 0, folio 180, section 8, sheet CR-12562, inscription 1ª.

2. When access to certain contents or for the use of any service is necessary to provide personal data, users will guarantee its truthfulness, accuracy, authenticity and validity. In this sense, it will be the obligation of the users to keep the data up to date in a way that corresponds to the reality in each moment.

3. By providing personal data to PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA and completing data collection forms or sending them by any other means, users declare that they fully and unreservedly accept the data provided to the databases of the company PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA SA. Data supplied will undergo automated processing, in the terms stipulated in this document.
The aforementioned files have been duly communicated and registered in the General Register of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, which users can access for free if they wish to check their situation.

4. The collection of personal data and its automated processing has the purpose of facilitating or facilitating the management, administration, improvement and extension of the different services, the preparation of statistics, the management or follow-up of incidents, as well as the sending of technical, Legal, promotional or commercial activities or services offered by PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA SA Or by third parties.

5. By providing personal data, the user agrees and accepts the transmission of promotional or commercial information by PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA SA, although the user may at any time revoke their consent by sending an email to

6. PAYMENT OF VALLEGARCIA shall in no case sell or lease personal data of the users, and will only provide or communicate to a third party, for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes, with the prior consent of the user, consent to be understood if the User shall not make any representations thereon within a period of fifteen days as from the date on which he was requested to do so. The user may deny or revoke his consent by sending an e-mail to

7. Users may exercise, at any time, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data. The exercise of these rights may be effected by sending an e-mail to, by fax to the number 91 563 17 77, by mail to the registered office of PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA SA, or by any other means that allows recognizing The identity of the user exercising any of the aforementioned rights.

8. PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes not to collect unnecessary information about its users, to treat with extreme diligence the personal information that may be provided, and to comply at any stage of the treatment with the obligation to keep secrecy with respect to the data provided by users.

Likewise, PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA undertakes to adopt at all times the levels of security that are legally required to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of personal data. For that purpose Pago de Vallegarcía will implement available means and technical systems , taking into account the state of the art, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether arising from human action or from the physical or natural environment. Nonetheless, users should be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable, and assume the risks that this entails.

9. PAGO DE VALLEGARCIA reserves its right to change at any time its policy of processing and security of personal data, always respecting the current legislation on data protection, and prior communication to the interested parties, or by publication on this page Or in any other place of the website, either by e-mail to the interested parties, or by any other means of communication or dissemination that may be considered appropriate.