Gastronomic experience with Pago de Vallegarcía and the restaurant Asgaya 10/2/2015


On Tuesday, September 17 2015, Pago de Vallegarcía had the honor of participating in Madrid in the first of the pairing dinners organized by the renowned restaurant Asgaya, an icon of Asturian cuisine.

The wines from the wineryVallegarcía, made in the Montes de Toledo with French varieties, were selected to pair a surprising menu, designed by the award-winning chef Javier Navarro, who has been for over a quarter of a century between stoves and is now leading Asgaya cuisine. A menu resulting from the alchemy between the best product of the market and the excellence in the elaborations, seasoned with the touch of fair modernity and the exquisiteness in the service.

Those attending this gastronomic experience had the opportunity to taste a wide and variety of dishes, consisting of an aperitif, five dishes and a magnificent dessert, paired with the most representative wines of Pago de Vallegarcía. Adolfo Hornos, Technical Director of the winery and Winemaker, guided the tasting by introducing each of the wines to the attendees, who took the opportunity to ask questions in a pleasant atmosphere. Adolfo led the attendees on a tour of the history of the winery, in which there were no lack of humor notes. Adolfo approached the attendants to the peculiarities of the varieties of grapes used and the elaborations that turn them into different wines, with personality, aromatic and elegant.

Miriade 2013, 100% viognier without oak from Pago Vallegarcía, opened the evening with the appetizer and the first course: smoked sardines on toasted loaf. The wild herbs that flavor the fish combined with the fresh exotic fruit and the floral memory present in the small white of Vallegarcía.

The intensity of a white with oak Vallegarcía Viognier left no one indifferent. The unctuous mouth of an intense and aromatic wine and the creaminess of Navarro’s spectacular crab lasagna, with an intense sea aroma, joined a balanced but powerful pairing.

Following the maxim that all great wine must have a younger brother, Vallegarcía presented Petit Hipperia. It is a wine more fruity and less complex than Hipperia. He served with one of the most applauded dishes of the evening: the boletus risotto and truffled king prawns.

At Asgaya they presented the following plate: Cod with emulsion of roasted peppers and candied vegetables. A concise work that lets a good product shine. Adolfo Hornos introduced the following wine pairing: Vallegarcía Syrah. A pleasant and sweet wine, whose color and aroma recall the cherry. A round wine: the result of a thorough elaboration to deal with the alterations of the climate. So lovable for the sweet tooth, that this wine was derved again at the request of the guests to mate the dessert: Millejas de foie and bitter chocolate with Pedro Ximénez’s and fruits of the forest. A surprising mix.

But before the desert, we had the Hipperia, the great red wine of Pago Vallegarcía. A long wine in the mouth, formulated with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, plus the elegance of the Cabernet Franc and the intensity of the Petit Verdot. How could it be otherwise, he served with red meat.