vallegarcía syrah

Lasting taste that persists

Vallegarcía Syrah is an aromatic single variety wine, structured and tasty on the palate. The grapes come from a plot of 7 hectares, harvested at the time of their full maturity to obtain pleasant tannins that, after the wine passes through barrel and bottle, end in a fully rounded state. As it is a 100 % Syrah, the wine has the typical characteristics of this variety, being an easily drinkable wine but delicate in its production given that in difficult years, its single variety character, makes it very sensitive to any climatic changes.

Tasting Notes:
Dense, picota cherry red in colour and red fruit aromas intertwined with toffees from ageing in oak barrels, and dairy. It is fresh in the mouth, has a delicious structure and smooth tannins that provide an agreeable passage and a long-lasting, persistent taste.