vallegarcía viognier

Exotic and brilliant

The ‘Pago de Vallegarcía’ Viognier wine is unique in Spain. It is complex, elegant and strikingly pleasant to all those who taste it. It is paradoxical to speak of a white wine with structure and personal character, in an area where white wine never stood out for its quality. We have been pioneers in Spain in planting, producing and marketing a wine developed with 100% Viognier grape variety. It is a wine that continues to evolve, determined by the peculiarity of each vintage, which demands of us specific production, and specific ageing in barrels in each harvest.

Tasting Notes:
Brilliant yellow gold with light green flashes. Intense and aromatic with notes of stone fruit, fresh herbs and slight hints of toasted. Fresh and unctuous in mouth, with structure and a full-bodied palate, with notes of herbs, lactic, and smoked. Lovely lingering sensation of elegant woods.